Dauphin County Overview
(copied with permission from the Dauphin County Website, www.dauphinc.org )

Dauphin County is home to Pennsylvania’s capital city – Harrisburg – and home to the State Capitol Building, one of the most magnificent state government buildings in the United States.

Dauphin County's strategic location has been important throughout its rich history. It is a natural location for the state capital and is a critical hub for East Coast transportation systems as a convergence point in the Boston-to-Richmond northeast corridor. Positioned to provide cost effective access to eastern U.S. markets while maintaining a superior living environment, Dauphin County is known as a choice location of business and industry.

Harrisburg is the region's cultural, business and government center. The city has been the county seat since 1785 and Pennsylvania's capital since 1812. Beautifully situated on the mile-wide Susquehanna River and back-dropped by the Blue Ridge Mountains, Harrisburg has merged big-city influence and sophistication with small-town friendliness and charm.

The upper tier of Dauphin County provides a quiet country setting with quaint towns lying in pristine mountain valleys. Several national companies have located here due to availability of land, an established workforce of people committed to quality work, and a proximity to interstate highways including several new road projects that are planned or underway.

In contrast, the county's southern portion is much more urbanized in and around Harrisburg and Hershey. This region boasts a number of resources including Harrisburg International Airport, a highly developed highway system, and a main line Amtrak passenger service.

Our community is diverse – in culture, in natural resources and in entrepreneurship. The services provided by Dauphin County government reflect this diversity.